Malcusa is an Italian cutting-edge brand specialized in the production of handmade luxury traditional and contemporary rugs.

Our mission is to combine the timeless Italian elegance with different eclectic visions, styles and personalities. Our designers find daily inspiration in the surrounding life, travels, and personal experiences, enriching every collection with a strong, contemporary character and unique taste. 

Thanks to Brand Milano Tessuti, the luxury Fabric and Textile consultancy Company Malcusa comes from, we have been able to thrive through partnerships with creatives and artists around the world to turn our rugs into exceptional works of art. 

Malcusa vision is therefore rooted in design innovation, high-quality materials, and traditional hand craftsmanship. Following ancient hand-crafting techniques, different cultures can harmoniously coexist with the renowned Italian aesthetic and lifestyle.


Malcusa is timeless style, material research and artistic expression. 

We love Art and besides investing strongly in manual techniques, craftsmanship and materials, we encourage our designers to turn each rug into a pure expression of their feelings. 

We leverage on the ancient craftsmanship of skilled artisans to enhance their refined knotting techniques with an innovative and unique design. 

Exclusive rugs are thus created like fine artworks, produced only by selected highly-skilled weavers.

We want our rugs to speak for themselves and this is the reason why we like scouting and collaborating with talents of different age and from different cultural contexts, as well as working with people from different creative fields like fine art, graphics and illustration, architecture, fashion and interior design. 

This way, every piece has its own peculiar story to tell and can be exquisitely unique.



Malcusa collections are made in Europe and India, providing a wide spectrum of solutions in complete respect of local cultures and environment and granting unaltered quality of the noblest materials. 

The variety of Malcusa creations requires exceptional artisanal skills. Our company is equipped with the capability and experience spanning the entire value chain of yarn manufacturing, alongside with the high-quality tested fabrics of natural and manmade fibers. 

From design development to template production, sampling and tufting, each rug is created by skilled artisans with many years of training in the hand-tufting process: this is how we provide our worldwide Customers with the finest products they expect.